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Increase Conversions & Retention

All-in-one Subscription, Membership, and Donation Platform.

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Pelcro Subscription management dashboard

A Single Source of Truth
Built for Every Department.

The most comprehensive and customizable cloud platform built to increase subscriptions, memberships, and donations. 

Pelcro's Subscription and User dashboard

7-Star CRM™️

Built for: Marketing, sales, support, operations, and finance teams

Launch new products, campaigns, and more with no code or hassle. Combining user experience, identity, billing, and authorization in one CRM creates a single source of truth that takes your users from anonymous to subscribers in no time. 

Pelcro's Userdashboard

7-Star Toolbox™️

Built for: Developers, product managers, and technical teams

Ultimate flexibility means easily building what you want when you want to. Get access to a world of prebuilt UX components, integrations, recipes, APIs, Webhooks, JS SDK, and native mobile SDKs.

Pelcro's Data and analytics for revenue recognition

Pelcro Care™️

Services: Professional services, customer service, and more

Because we understand that not everything can or should be done in-house, we've assembled a team of experts ready to take over when and where you want them to. Choose from a variety of managed services.

Pelcro's Dashboard

Save Time and Money Without Compromising.

Empower teams to get things done without any code required while having access to a complete developer toolkit for ultimate flexibility.

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Go Beyond the Platform with Pelcro Care™️

Not everything can or should be done in-house, we've assembled a team of experts ready to take over when and where you want them to.

Account Management

Project management and consulting.

"We ensure a clear timeline and direction."

Abdallah Sh. | Head of Customer Success

Abdallah Shapsough

Professional Services

Customizations, migrations, integrations, and training.

"We tackle challenges and deliver solutions ."

- Marwan A. | Frontend Engineer

Marwan A. Pelcro's Project manager

Customer Service

Phone, email, chat, and mail support on your behalf.

"We aim for the highest customer satisfaction."

- Ahmed F. | Head of Customer Service

Ahmed Pelcro's Head of customer service

Managed Services

Fulfilment management, check proccessing, reporting, telemarketing, and more.

"There is no task too big or too small for us to handle."

- Marian L. | Director of Operations

Marian Pelcro's Director of Operations

Want to see if Pelcro Care™️ can do what you need?

Pelcro's CRM dashboard

7-Star CRM™️

No-code comprehensive solution.

out of the box integrations icon

7-Star ToolBox™️

Developer tools and docs for ultimate flexibility.


Pelcro Care™️

A team of experts for your every need.

Impacts of AI on the magazine industry e-book

Revolutionizing the Magazine Industry Guide: 

AI’s Role in Subscriber Acquisition, Retention, and Engagement

People Behind Pelcro

Want to see if Pelcro can work for you?

Speak to one of our experts.

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